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About Us

Dedicated Advocates for Environmentally Safer Learning Spaces for Children


We are a grassroots group of parents, grandparents, citizens and students who believe that it is fundamental to provide children with a toxin free and environmentally safe space and better indoor air quality where ever they play, learn, eat and sleep, including also their time away from home, at daycare, school etc.

Since 2007, and then officially so from  2011 onward, we have been heavily invested in educating school administrators, school board members and legislators in Tennessee, by suggesting, promoting and passing school policies, state legislations to make learning spaces  

for children environmentally safer in Tennessee and suggested ready available low-cost solutions. In addition we promote environmental health events for schools, locally, state wide and nationally in partnership with Healthy Schools Network, Albany, N.Y. and the Coalition for Healthier Schools, and also with the American Lung Association of Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN.

History and accomplishments


Since 2013 we have passed policies in our local school district and on a state level we passed many proclamations, resolutions, bills for better indoor air quality in schools with the bi-partisan help of our Tennessee Legislators in the Tennessee General Assembly,  to bring positive changes for environmentally safer learning spaces for our students in Tennessee's public schools.  We have been assisting parents and students with their concerns and advocate for and with them locally and state wide in Tennessee seeking to find viable  solutions.

Special recognition to some like-minded allies goes also to several local state environmental health organizations;  the American Lung Association, SOCM, Good Works of Leiper's Fork, and the instrumental guidance of Mr. Bruce Wood, President of B.U.R.N.T., and the nationwide organization Healthy Schools Network, Albany, N.Y. with 60 other organizations from across America.


Our Founder and President and our organization honored with the National Healthy Schools ~Hero~ 2019 Award


It has been a privilege to have received the National Healthy Schools ~Hero~ 2019 award from the Healthy Schools Network, Albany, N.Y., by Mrs. Claire Barnett and the current Board of Directors, with which organization our grassroots group has partnered with since 2014 to promote environmental health and better school indoor air quality and solutions for this common mission, by educating school districts and elected officials, citizens through national yearly events, together with more than 60 organizations, part of the Healthy Schools Coalition.   

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